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The Berrymate®  tote is specially designed to improve the hand picking of small berries and fruits as it promotes superior ventilation through “Cool Flow” air vents.  It was developed in conjunction with blueberry growers  in southern New Jersey, who load their fresh picked berries in the tote and then quick cool them in refrigerated trucks.  The high number of precisely located   air slots and the lower sides allow much improved air flow versus other  totes.  In addition the tote can be ordered with molded in dividers eliminating the need for separate costly dividers which can easily be misplaced.  Berrymate® totes have also proven ideal for many other non-berry related uses given their durability and light weight.

BerryMate® Tote Specifications

The BerryMate® tote is also available with the ability to stack without having to orient. Because of that there is no chance of product damage when stacking if product is picked to the divider level. The BerryMate® tote is manufactured in high impact FDA certified materials, with UV stabilizers to protect the material from sun damage and fading. It is available in a variety of colors including: Light Blue; Dark Blue; White; Yellow; Red and Green.

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